The Lowdown on Microchipping Your Pets

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Microchipping your pets is so easy and important. Yet there still seem to be pet owners who just won't or don't do it.  It's a little difficult to believe that in this age of technology that enables us to communicate with and track each other, that anyone would fail to take advantage of technology that enables us to [...]

Keeping Our Pets Safe in Cars

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Best ways to keep our pets safe in cars

Many of us truly enjoy taking our pets with us when we go places. Whether it’s a short trip to the pet supply store or a long trip to our favorite pet-friendly vacation destination, here are some common sense tips from Flyin' Fur Pet Sitting in Arlington, WA on keeping our pets safe in cars. Make [...]

Birds of Prey vs. Pets

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Birds of Prey vs. Pets

  What prompted me to write about this topic is the fact that I am personally responsible for saving my own dog, Mamie, from a Bald Eagle…not once---but twice. One incident took place in my own back yard and the other was in my own neighborhood while Mamie was on a leashed walk with me. I [...]

Why Your Kitty Suddenly Stops Using Her Litter Box

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Your kitty may be trying to tell you something. For most cats, going potty in a litter box is normal and the preferred place to go since most cats are quite fastidious. If your kitty suddenly stops using her litter box and begins leaving you presents around your home (both solid and liquid), there are [...]

Tips for adopting a pet from a shelter.

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For many folks,  adopting a pet from a shelter or adopting a shelter dog may seem like the biggest "no brainer" there is.  Ah, but there are definitely some things to take into account prior to bringing home a new companion that will likely be with you for at least a decade.  Here are some [...]