Why Your Kitty Suddenly Stops Using Her Litter Box

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Pet Sitter wearing a Kitty-Cat Thinking Cap

Your kitty may be trying to tell you something. For most cats, going potty in a litter box is normal and the preferred place to go since most cats are quite fastidious. If your kitty suddenly stops using her litter box and begins leaving you presents around your home (both solid and liquid), there are basically three main reasons for this.



The litter box is not being kept as clean as your kitty feels it needs to be.

Some cats just will NOT use a litter box that isn’t kept immaculately clean. If you’ve been slacking off with your litter box cleaning duties, many cats will let you know this by finding other places inside your home to go potty.



A change (major or minor in magnitude) in your kitty’s world that is causing stress or less access to her litter box than normal.

If you keep the litter box in a closet or a separate room and forget to leave the door open so your cat has access, this will cause your cat to seek other places to go.

Environmental changes such as a new pets or humans moving into or out of the house, new objects that make unfamiliar noises (cuckoo clocks, humidifiers, etc), getting new furniture with unfamiliar scents, changes in your cat’s well established feeding schedule or routine.



A medical condition that needs to be addressed.

Medical conditions such as UTI’s (urinary tract infections) or digestive tract issues can cause your cat to have frequent and uncontrollable urges to have diarrhea or urinate. This can mean that they may be unable to make it to their litter box in time. If your kitty is not experiencing any environmental changes and you are keeping her litter box very clean, it is likely time for a trip to the vet for a check up to see if there is an underlying medical condition.


Most humans find cats to be wonderful and mysterious creatures. This is what causes humans to want to be in the company of cats. It turns out that, in many ways, they really aren’t all that mysterious. If we humans just stop and think about things from the cat’s perspective, we usually come to realize that when they are unhappy or behaving in ways that seem outside the norm, there are almost always very easily explained reasons for the changes. The solutions usually turn out to be just as simple. So, put on your kitty-cat thinking cap the next time you run into litter box issues with your cat and I bet you’ll get it sorted out in very short order. You’ll be happier and so will your kitty!

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