Keeping Our Pets Safe in Cars

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Many of us truly enjoy taking our pets with us when we go places. Whether it’s a short trip to the pet supply store or a long trip to our favorite pet-friendly vacation destination, here are some common sense tips from Flyin’ Fur Pet Sitting in Arlington, WA on keeping our pets safe in cars.

Riding in the car should be an adventure for your pet!

Make riding in a car a treat for your dog. If your dog only ever gets to ride with you for trips to the vet, chances are he may be a pretty nervous traveler if his only experience traveling with you always ends with being poked and prodded by your vet. Take your dog on short trips around the block, to the drive-through at your favorite burger joint or to the dog park. This way, he will regard car rides as fun adventures and he will be less likely to be a nervous wreck on your 500 mile trip to see the Grand Canyon.

Dogs should be properly secured while in your vehicle.

Properly secure your dog inside your vehicle by keeping your dog crated or by placing a harness on your dog that attaches to your vehicle’s safety belt system. Here at Flyin’ Fur Pet Sitting in Arlington, WA, any dog that rides in my car, especially my own dog, rides in this manner.  Even the most obedient, ride-loving dogs can get excited when they see another dog, a stray cat or wildlife outside your vehicle. A dog that is unsecured can be a danger if they can roam around freely inside your car. Also, if you must stop quickly or if you are hit by another driver, your dog can be ejected through any window of your car even if the impact only happens at 25 MPH.

Pets hanging out of a car window is dangerous!

Do not allow your dog to hang any portion of his body outside the car windows. Cracking the window just enough for your dog to smell the air is really all he needs. Allowing your dog to put his entire head outside the window, or worse, leaving the window down all the way allowing him the opportunity to jump out, are the most dangerous things you can do when traveling with your dog. Your dog is at risk of being thrown out of the car during sharp turns or if there is an accident. Additionally, your dog could be injured by flying debris kicked up by the vehicles ahead of you…even flying bugs hitting your dog in the nose or eyes can be life threatening or cause permanent injuries.

Safely Secure Dogs in Cars while Pet Sitting in Arlington, WA

Safely Traveling with your dog in the back of a flat bed truck.

If you drive a flatbed truck and must travel with your dog in the back, he should be in an airline crate (or if an open wire-type crate is used, it should be covered with something to protect him from the wind, rain or flying road debris) and the crate should be securely fastened with bungee cords (or something of that nature) so the crate doesn’t slide around or bounce out of the flatbed. It is so disturbing to ride behind trucks and see dogs tied by their collars, or not secured in any way, doing their best not to be strangled or bounced out of the back of their owners’ trucks.

A few words about leaving dogs in parked cars.

Never leave your dog in a car, even with the windows cracked, on a warm day. Sounds like common sense, right? Evidently not. The TV news and internet are flooded with stories about dogs left in cars who are in distress and need to be extracted by passersby or law enforcement. Many dogs die every year due to owners who either didn’t know what could happen or who didn’t care. According to the American Veterinary Association (AVA), on a 70 degree day, the inside of your car can reach 99 degrees within 20 minutes. If you are going somewhere on a warm day that doesn’t allow dogs, please just leave your best friend at home…it’s really just as simple as that friends.  🙂

The opinions and statistics gathered in this blog post are that of Flyin’ Fur Pet Sitting and are intended for informational purposes only.

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